Milestones of Science

To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Buffalo Museum of Science’s accomplishment in 1938 of acquiring 198 first editions of major breakthroughs in science, C-SAAHN is sponsoring the “IMAGINE Exploring Nature: Celebrating Milestones of Science and Imagination” Noon-Hour Lecture Series every second Tuesday in 2013 and fourth Tuesday in 2014 (except July & August) at the downtown Buffalo & Erie County Public Library.

Since the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library now has possession of these rare first edition books, they are planning an exhibit in late 2013. is preparing a chronological list of the ten disciplines (Wikipedia links to disciplines and scientists) and number of books in each category included in the Milestones of Science collection:




General Science







Milestones of Science – 198

Astronomy – 29

Biology – 52

Chemistry – 16

General Science – 5

Geography – 12

Geology – 12

Mathematics – 10

Medicine – 16

Physics – 45

Printing – 1

Below are the 45 books in the Milestones of Science collection devoted to Physics in chronological order:

img0085De magnete Gilbert, William, 1540-1603. 1600 Physics


img0075Discorsi e dimostrazioni matematiche Galilei, Galileo, 1564-1642. 1638 Physics


img0157Traitez de l’equilibre des liqueurs Pascal, Blaise, 1623-1662. 1663 Physics


img0090Experimenta nova (ut vocantur) Magdeburgica de vacuo spatio Guericke, Otto von, 1602-1686. 1672 Physics


img0109Horologium oscillatorium Huygens, Christiaan, 1629-1695. 1673 Physics


img0111Traité de la lumière Huygens, Christiaan, 1629-1695. 1690 Physics


img0150Optiks Newton, Isaac, 1642-1727. 1704 Physics


img0190Lezioni accademiche Torricelli, Evangelista, 1608-1647. 1715 Physics


img0069Experiments and observations on electricity Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790. 1769 Physics


img0174Essais sur l’hygrométrie Saussure, Horace,Benedict de,1740 – 1799 1783 Physics


img0064Expériences de la machine aérostatique Faujas-de-St.-Fond, cit., (Barthélemy)1741-1819. 1783-1784 Physics


img0039Theorie des klanges Chladni, Ernst Florens Friedrich, 1756-1827. 1787 Physics


img0189Source of the heat which is excited by friction Rumford, Benjamin, 1753-1814. 1798 Physics


img0193On the electricity excited Volta, Alessandro, 1745-1827. 1800 Physics


img0099Powers of the prismatic colours to heat Herschel, William,1738-1822. 1800 Physics


img0038Akustik Chladni, Ernst Florens Friedrich, 1756-1827. 1802 Physics


img0198Method of examining refractive and dispersive powers Wollaston, William Hyde, 1766-1828. 1802 Physics


img0016Manière de déterminer les masses Avogadro, Amadeo, 1776-1856. 1811 Physics


img0053Application of wire-gauze to lamps Davy, Humphry, 1778-1829. 1816 Physics


img0070Bestimmung des brechungs-und farbenzerstreuungs-vermögens. Fraunhofer, Joseph von, 1787-1826. 1817 Physics


img0008Action mutuelle Ampère, André-Marie, 1775-1836. 1820 Physics


img0152Experimenta Ørsted, Hans Christian, 1777-1851. 1820 Physics


img0068Théorie analytique de la chaleur Fourier, Jean Baptiste Joseph, 1768-1830. 1822 Physics


img0154Galvanische kette Ohm, Georg Simon, 1789-1854. 1827 Physics


img0046Historique du daguerréotype Daguerre, Louis Jacques Mandé, 1787-1851. 1839 Physics


img0045History of the daguerréotype Daguerre, Louis Jacques Mandé, 1787-1851. 1839 Physics


img0062Experimental researches in electricity Faraday, Michael, 1791-1867. 1839-1855    Physics


img0096Über die erhaltung der kraft Helmholtz, Hermann von, 1821-1894. 1847 Physics


img0063On the physical character of the lines of magnetic force Faraday, Michael, 1791-1867. 1852 Physics


img0117Untersuchungen über das sonnenspectrum Kirchhoff, G. 1824-1887. 1861 Physics


img0191Heat considered as a mode of motion Tyndall, John,1820-1893. 1863 Physics


img0144Dynamical theory of the electromagnetic field Maxwell, James Clerk, 1831-1879. 1865 Physics


img0084On the equilibrium of heterogeneous substances Gibbs, J. Willard 1839-1903. 1874-1878 Physics


img0095On the sensations of tone Helmholtz, Hermann von, 1821-1894. 1875 Physics


img0113Scientific papers Joule, James Prescott, 1818-1889. 1884 -1887 Physics


img0101Untersuchungen ueber die ausbreitung der elektrischen kraft Hertz, Heinrich, 1857-1894. 1892 Physics


img0171Neue art von strahlen Röntgen, Wilhelm Conrad, 1845-1923. 1896 Physics


img0097Vorlesungen über die elektromagnetische theorie des lichts Helmholtz, Hermann von, 1821-1894. 1897 Physics


img0142Wireless telegraphy Marconi, Guglielmo, 1874-1937. 1899 Physics


img0162Zur theorie des gesetzes Planck, Max1858-1947. 1900 Physics


img0139Zichtbare en onzichtbare bewegingen
Lorentz, HA.


1901 Physics


img0148Animals in motion Muybridge, Eadweard, 1830-1904. 1902 Physics


img0020Une propriété nouvelle de la matière Becquerel, Henri, 1852-1908. 1903 Physics


img0041Traité de radioactivité Curie, Marie, 1867-1934. 1910 Physics

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