What is Imagine Lifelong Learning?

IMAGINE Lifelong Learning is an idea created by “The Center for the Study of Art, Architecture, History, & Nature” (C-SAAHN).

Helping to move education from an individual’s right to everyone’s responsibility for lifelong learning, as part of the “Buffalo-Chautauqua Idea: Exploring American Legacy.”


Center for the Study of Art & Architecture, History & Nature (C-SAAHN):
Founded in 2009, is a digital enterprise and network designed to help link volunteers and lifelong learning communities as part of the “Buffalo-Chautauqua Idea.”

Imagine Greater Buffalo:
Created by C-SAAHN in 2015 as an Affiliate of the nonprofit Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo to help market its vision, events, classes, projects, and AUDIO Catalog containing over 800 event recordings at: ImagineLifelongLearning.com 

Contact: Wellness@city-Buffalo.org -or- BeActive@City-Buffalo.org

The Buffalo-Chautauqua Idea:
Exploring American legacy through place-based lifelong learning and imagination. Imagine infusing one city – Buffalo – with the “Spirit of Chautauqua.” The Buffalo-Chautauqua Idea was first presented as a Special Studies course at Chautauqua Institution in 2006 & 2007 titled, ”Imagine Buffalo in the 21st-Century: The Buffalo-Chautauqua Idea” by Dennis Galucki.

Vision 2025:

Imagine Greater Buffalo as a Premier North American Cultural and Nature Center: Imagine a Healthy, Wealthy, and Sustainable Community

Mission 2018-2025:
Create meaningful learning opportunities and enjoyable experiences with aesthetic values through events, classes,  projects, and sponsorships at both Buffalo and Chautauqua.


  • IMAGINE Lecture & Discussion Series every Tuesday, September-June, during the noon-hour in the “Ring of Knowledge” area at the downtown Buffalo & Erie County Public Library (over 300 to date);
  • “Landmark Cruise” on the Miss Buffalo II every Wednesday 3-5pm during July & August;
  • Franciscan-based Reflective Walks @ Delaware Park every First Sunday from March-November;
  • Annual Buffalo Day @ Chautauqua during the Summer Season (9th BuffaloDay@CHQ 7/3/18)
  • Contact: Dennis Galucki, founder at Imagine.Buffalo@gmail.com  /  www.BuffaloAH.com

“Art of Investing” classroom lecture and discussion based on over a thirty year career as an investment advisor and sixty years of being a “student of the markets,” every Monday 4-5pm in the Smith Memorial Library at Chautauqua Institution during the Summer Season, since 2009.

Projects (partial list): IMAGINE Greater Buffalo 2025
IMAGINE Greater Buffalo 2025The following projects are designed to celebrate the Bicentennial of the Erie Canal’s completion in Buffalo in 2025 and foster a “citizen-historian” lifelong learning culture and imagine a Greater Buffalo:

  • Imagine “New Buffalo’s Old Town” at CanalSide including the old Aud site with building scale and street layouts similar to the 1870s and the buildings demolished in 1939;
  • Greater Buffalo LEGO Architecture Studio Project with Explore Buffalo, Martin House, and the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library system;
  • Explore Buffalo Downtown Workbook Say YES Summer-Camp Project;
  • “Friends of Griffins Mills, NY” Sojourner Truth Historic Signage Project;
  • 3D Virtual Tour Project #1:“Building Buffalo: Building from Books, Books from Buildings” Library Exhibit with partners B&ECPLibrary & iTours 360VR;
  • “Walking-to-Wellness” 2nd Sat@Downtown Library ‘Medical Mile’ Campus;
  • Chautauqua Archives Heritage Lecture AUDIO Catalog since 2010
  • Roger Tory Peterson Digital Natural History Atlas;
  • Assembly House 150 Digital Education Project;
  • The “Chautauqua-BuffaloNiagara-Toronto” Idea with the Buffalo-Lille Association



Donations and funding are through the C-SAAHN Fund @ Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo and the Buffalo-Chautauqua Fund @ Chautauqua Foundation.

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