2017 Summer Season @ Buff/Chaut

Every Monday June 26 – August 21
Art of Investing – in Life: Your Life and Your Community’s Life

Discussion Group led by Dennis Galucki
Smith Memorial Library 4:00pm – 4:50pm

Every Tuesday & Friday June 27 – August 25
Chautauqua Archives Heritage Lecture Series C-SAAHN AUDIO Catalog
Hall of Christ 3:30pm – 5:00pm

Tuesday July 11 – Eighth Annual ‘Buffalo Day at Chautauqua’ – See below.
Hall of Philosophy 12:10pm – 3:15pm
Hall of Christ 3:30pm – 5:00pm

At Buffalo….

Every Wednesday July & August 3pm – 5pm
Landmark Cruise on the Miss Buffalo II

“IMAGINE Buffalo Niagara as a Bi-national Cultural & Nature Center” Narrated by Dennis Galucki

First Sunday July 2 & August 6 – Reflective Walk in Delaware Park

Saturday & Sunday July 29 & 30 – Garden Walk Buffalo Supported by C-SAAHN


Tuesday July 11, 2017
Eighth Annual ‘Buffalo Day @ Chautauqua’ theme:
“A Crisis of Faith? – An Opportunity for Reflection”

Sponsored by: The Buffalo News, Visit Buffalo Niagara, WNED, Chautauqua Institution, & C-SAAHN

Noon – 8 pm FREE Afternoon Gate Pass for residents of the Greater Buffalo regionChautauqua Week Three Theme:  “A Crisis of Faith?”

Chautauqua Institution Theme Week Three :: July 8–15, 2017
For decades, Chautauqua Institution has brought people of different faiths – and no faith – together for civil, enlightening dialogue. Building on that work, this week we dive even deeper into questions of identity, religion and community. Major research organizations such as Pew Research Center and PRRI report that religions are undergoing dramatic change: a decline in mainstream Christianity and practicing Judaism, demographic shifts pointing toward a growing Muslim population, and more young people than ever who claim no affiliation with any organized religion. Some detect crisis amidst these changes, but in this week we look to the possibilities. What impacts do shifting religious norms mean for other aspects of public life? How are churches reinventing themselves as moral centers of the communities they serve? Together, we imagine the future of faith and of religion as we have come to know it.

  • 12:05pm – 1:30pm – Hall of Philosophy
  • 12:05pm – 12:20pm The Buffalo-Chautauqua Idea: Believing in a 21st-Century Ideal
    * Dennis Galucki, Founder, Buffalo Day @ Chautauqua & Moderator
  • 12:20pm – 1:30pm “Faith, Spirituality, Wellness, and Community”
    * Dr. G. Stanford Bratton, Ex. Dir/CEO, Network of Religious Communities * Fr. Pat Keleher, Campus Minister University at Buffalo
    * Fr. William “Jud” Weiksnar, ofm, Franciscan Friars

    * Philip Haberstro, Ex. Dir., Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo
  • 1:45pmEd Evans Author, “Buffalo’s E.B.Green at Chautauqua” Walking Tour begins at the Hall of Philosophy
  • 2:00pm – 3:15pm Hall of Philosophy – Chautauqua Institution Department of Religion
    * Bill Moyers, Moderator
    * Speaker: Rev. Dr. Susan K. Smith
  • 3:30pm – 5:00pm Hall of Christ Chautauqua Archives Heritage Lecture Series
    * Mary Holland, Founder, Buffalo Religious Art Center, “Creating a Heritage of Art & Faith – The Buffalo Religious Art Center”

Chautauqua Institution Buffalo Day Announcement
The Buffalo News July 9, 2017

Imagining a lifelong learning land By Carl Francis Penders

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